Protecting innocent computer users everywhere!

You probably haven't noticed me running around the Knoxville Area, but I have been dedicated to protecting innocent computer users everywhere!

It all started as a hobby working with computers, and I then developed myself into a graphic designer on both MacIntosh and IBM Compatible PC’s (view my sample portfolio here). To bolster my credentials further, I applied myself to an A+ Certification Course in computer repair from Norwalk Community College in Connecticut.

Nothing teaches you more than experience, and over the years, my continued fascination with technology kept me busy managing and maintaining computer systems.

My extensive knowledge in Apple and Microsoft Operating Systems is the core to solving most problems, but I am also familiar with many of other forms of software. So, if you have any questions about a specific software or version, please feel free to call me.

I also have experience with audio/video devices that integrate with the internet and beyond!

Call and ask me about any electronics that might be in troubleā€¦
That's when you really need a technology hero!