Super Geek's most notorious Computer Villians!

(…or the stuff that makes computers go BLAH!)

Problems come in many forms, some of which I have listed here for you to review.
If these problems or symptoms seem familiar, call Super Geek to help!


Mysterious pop-up messages and random banner ads that hamper computer performance are symptoms of adware. The only purpose of adware is to violate computer screens with advertising. Adware is annoying, but is generally easy to remove. The most provocative attack of this type of advertising is The Pornado!


Spyware can monitor computer processes and log key strokes. Banking records, passwords and other forms of private information are recorded and then exported, and this could result in identity theft.


Often new PCs come with pre-installed software which the manufacturer was paid to include but is of dubious value to the purchaser. Such unwanted pre-installed software and advertisements are derogatorily called “craplets” and crapware. Many computers become victim to crapware through other means like updates and addons that the user downloads. These “extras” are added to your computer by installing themselves alongside the original program and in essence becomes a nuisance to normal operation. Symptoms of this is similar to a Slowdown.


Viruses are computer programs designed to debilitate a computer and then use it as a carrier to spread the virus to other computers. An infected computer is a danger to itself and every computer on its network. No computer is truly immune to viruses.


A rootkit gives a remote user complete control over a victim computer. The computer bearing a rootkit often becomes a tool to attack other computers, and at worst implicates the unwitting user in the crimes of someone else.

The Pornado

A seemingly endless stream of pop-up windows of pornographic material appearing on ones computer screen. A bombardment of pornographic images on your system after being lured into clicking an enticing ad or misleading system message. An e-mail message (sometimes called a trojan) declaring a fake prize that actually triggers a massive amount of porn pop-ups that only get worse as you try to stop it.

Bad Hard Drive Sectors

Over the course of a hard drive’s life, parts of the hard drive begin to fail. Mechanical problems are possible, but the hidden threats are bad sectors. Data stored in bad sectors can become corrupted and can cause problems with data and settings throughout the computer. Laptops are highly susceptible to these problems due to the high mobility nature of the computer or “bumping around.”

Insufficient Memory

Processor-intensive programs also demand a lot of memory. Random access memory (RAM) aides the central processing unit (CPU) by storing instructions linked to common operations. Without enough RAM, software crashes and slowdowns can occur. Other factors can contribute to these problems, but the experience is similar to a Slowdown.

Weird Noises

Whirling fans are sometimes accompanied by other clicks and flutters that could signal either a pending mechanical failure or that a part is loose. The problem is usually minor and can be fixed by shifting a wire’s path or by tightening screws. However, the problem could be more severe depending on the age and the environment of the computer it comes from. Any sounds that are not “normal” for your computer, is something to be concerned about. Abnormal sounds can lead to Overheating, a Failing Power Supply or a Hard Drive related issue.

Failing Power Supply

A computer that suddenly shuts off or has difficulty starting up could have a failing power supply. Without sufficient power, a computer will not operate. Overheating, Dust Bunnies, Misconfigured Software and Loose Connections are also possible causes to power supply issues.


Today’s computers are supposed to perform processes faster and better, which makes the occasional bout of a slowdown more pronounced. Video is out of sync with audio, longer than normal load times, stuttering mouse movement can indicate hard drive issues, an overtaxed CPU, etc. Longer than normal load times, or “boot-up” of your computer, may indicate a more serious problem with the hard drive and software. Adware, Spyware and Bad Hard Drive Sectors are notorious causes of slowdown in computer systems.

Dust Bunnies

The balls of fluff, dust and hair that accumulate inside a computer. Dust Bunnies are the arch enemy of the electrical components inside a computer. The cooling fans of the computer are the first victims of Dust Bunnies, but the worse victim is the chips inside the computer that produce heat. Build up from Dust Bunnies prevent the computer chips from cooling properly even if the cooling fans are fully operational. Slowdown, Overheating and possible Hard Drive issues can be linked to dreaded Dust Bunnies.


Computer components generate heat during operation. If the case lacks a sufficient cooling and ventilation setup, the computer parts could burn themselves out. Under rare circumstances, when the electrical system is damaged, the computer could become a fire hazard.