Finding the problem and helping you understand the solution is the job of a technology hero!

Because I don’t just fix problems, I’ll help you understand them.

Educate (…because knowledge is power!)

Learning about you, the user, is the number one way to help you with today’s technology. By working together, I can help you understand any problem and fix it because that’s what I do best! With experience spanning over twenty years with both hardware and software, I have plenty to share!


Preventing problems from occurring is the best defense and preventing them from happening again is a must. Whether you are a home or business user, a few simple changes to your technology environment can easily protect you. My job as a technology hero is to survey your technology and provide options that will defend you against evil!


Having secure technology in your household or business is not an option. As technology advances further, the threat to you and your data, becomes more of a target. In business, you have to protect your clients and customers as well. I can easily implement the tools that are necessary to provide you with protection from the outside world or safeguard your family.



I am a humble and honest hero that will tell you if something is beyond my capabilities. If I can’t fix it or it’s not worth fixing I won’t charge you. However, I do have the experience that can help advise you in the right direction. Advice is always free from Super Geek!


Service when you need it, where you need it. Things will happen when you least expect it and I want to be there when you need a technology hero! Preventative maintenance plays a key role in avoiding any future problems, and is a service I can easily provide!


Today’s technology comes with many options and variable costs. I can provide options that will make your technology work well for you and your environment. It is my job as a technology hero to provide you with choices that won’t cost you a fortune; saving you money without compromising the quality and security of your technology.


All work performed is guaranteed to fix the problem or provide you with the best available solution. If a problem reoccurs or there is an issue with the service performed, Super Geek! will endeavor to fix it a no extra charge (based upon situation).