Why can’t I connect my iPhone?

It could be the cable!

Ever wonder why the cable on your devices seems to do whatever it wants? Someday it works, another day not so much. You’d think that buying the manufacturer replacement cable would be the best bang for the buck, right?

Well, hold on there… not always. Some cables are just better than others. Watch the video below and get the inside look as to why your cables seem to break more often and then I can make a suggestion what to buy next.

So, Apple decides to “go green” and remove the harmful materials from their cable manufacturing. Hey, that’s a great idea, but if they break faster won’t we have to replace them faster? As the video by Apple Explained suggests, the best cables have ribbed reinforcements at the connector ends and are jacketed in cloth rather than rubber or PVC. If that’s the future of cables, why wait…

Swedish Ingenuity

Here’s my suggest replacing your cables and getting all of the benefits described above:


Yes, IKEA. Not only do they have furniture, but the also make this USB Lightning cord for only $8.99. And don’t be discouraged if you have a USB-C connection, because they make that one too!


Two-Packs for Less

“Wait a minute… I can buy a two pack on Amazon for just as much?” Well, you can if you have faith in the quality of that product and what limited guarantees it might have. IKEA is one of many companies that uses rebranded manufactured cables and BUT also backs the quality of that product. Purchase these types of items from highly reputable places that will back the product without question. Your big box stores, like Costco, Sam’s Club or BJ’s are great examples of companies that sell accessories that have been manufactured for them and will stand by it’s quality with (almost) no questions asked. If you have an issue with an item at Costco, they either replace it or refund you the money. What could be better!

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